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  • SharePoint/SPFx: Returning to Webpart Development Part #4 (with React Hooks)

    SharePoint/SPFx: Returning to Webpart Development Part #4 (with React Hooks)

    This article is different to its predecessors in the series, because I have published the SPFx-People-Search webpart solution to my GuiHub repository, I will be focusing on what I have found challenging about writing this webpart with React Hooks, SPFx and Microsoft Graph.

  • SPFx Debugging: Cannot GET /temp/workbench.html

    While debugging SPFx, I kept seeing the following error: “Cannot GET /temp/workbench.html”

  • Troubleshooting SPFx Webparts: Useful Links

    Based upon the App Catolog (Catalogue) being configured with the following URL: https://<tenant> Apps for SharePoint A catalog to store apps for SharePoint https://<tenant> Client Side Assets A library to store client side assets https://<tenent> Client Side Component Manifests A list to store client component manifests https://<tenent>

  • Configure Visual Studio Code with VSTS

    While in the process of setting up a new environment I thought I would share the steps I took to configure Visual Studio Code (VS-Code) with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) online. Installation Navigate to: Select the relevant version for your machine e.g. macOS or Windows x64 and click Download Double click on the installer, […]

  • Angular 2: Quick Start Notes Part #2

    Following my first post in this series, in which I set up Visual Studio Code, installed Git and cloned Deborah Kurta’s Angular2-GettingStarted.git. Today I’m going list the steps required to install and configure the NPM (Node Package Manager) command line utility; this will enable me to see the results of my code changes in a […]

  • Angular 2: Quick Start Notes Part #1

    These are my notes, made while watching Deborah Kurta’s Angular2: Getting Started course, hosted by Pluralsight. Most, if not all, of this information can be found within Deborah’s course, however by stripping this information out I hope to jog memories… Tools & Setup: Macintosh (OS X) How to use Visual Studio Code with GitHub: Download and […]