Angular 2: Quick Start Notes Part #1

These are my notes, made while watching Deborah Kurta’s Angular2: Getting Started course, hosted by Pluralsight. Most, if not all, of this information can be found within Deborah’s course, however by stripping this information out I hope to jog memories…

Tools & Setup: Macintosh (OS X)

How to use Visual Studio Code with GitHub:

Download and install:
1. Visual Source Code:
2. Git:

Clone a Git:
1. Open a Terminal window and change the directory to the location you would like to save the folders and files, for example:

Mac:~ sion$ cd Documents/GitHub/
 Mac:GitHub sion$

2. Enter the following command:

Mac:GitHub sion$ git clone

Once complete, open the folder with Visual Studio Code.

Commit changes:

  • From Visual Studio Code select Push
  • If VS Code does not prompt for login and password, open the Terminal in the context of the code:
    a. Select Explorer
    b. Right click on a file in the root of the folder and click Open in Terminal
    c. Enter the following command:

    Mac:GitHub sion$ git push

    d. Enter the Username and Password for your GitHub account
    e. Wait for the command to complete before restarting VS Code
    f. VS Code should now be able to Push without errors
    g. Optional: install a credential helper

More Information

Please see second post in this series for install and configure of the NPM (Node Package Manager) command line utility


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