Angular 2: Quick Start Notes Part #1

These are my notes, made while watching Deborah Kurta’s Angular2: Getting Started course, hosted by Pluralsight. Most, if not all, of this information can be found within Deborah’s course, however by stripping this information out I hope to jog memories…

Tools & Setup: Macintosh (OS X)

How to use Visual Studio Code with GitHub:

Download and install:
1. Visual Source Code:
2. Git:

Clone a Git:
1. Open a Terminal window and change the directory to the location you would like to save the folders and files, for example:

Mac:~ sion$ cd Documents/GitHub/
 Mac:GitHub sion$

2. Enter the following command:

Mac:GitHub sion$ git clone

Once complete, open the folder with Visual Studio Code.

Commit changes:

1. From Visual Studio Code select Push.

2. If VS Code does not prompt for login and password, open the Terminal in the context of the code:

  • Select Explorer.
  • Right click on a file in the root of the folder and click Open in Terminal.
  • Enter the following command:
Mac:GitHub sion$ git push

More Information

Please see second post in this series for install and configure of the NPM (Node Package Manager) command line utility