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  • Hello Angular World (page 7 of 7)

    So, we now have an ASP.NET MVC web application which is hosting a simple Hello Angular World App. and in limiting the project size and complexity it should serve as a useful “starter template”. When looking at the project, you will notice two distinct naming conventions, initially I thought this was ugly, however it has…

  • Hello Angular World (page 6 of 7)

    Now we have an Angular 2 app running in our Local IIS (or IIS Express if you decided to skip that section), let’s build a very simple MVC app to host our Angular 2 app.

  • Hello Angular World (page 5 of 7)

    My preference it to develop web applications using my Local IIS server opposed to the IIS Express server that ships with Visual Studio. I have several reasons for this, two of which are…

  • Hello Angular World (page 4 of 7)

    Hello Angular World from a HTML page. Now that the basic configuration is complete let’s create the Hello Angular World app. The table below lists the folders and files that we will add next.

  • Hello Angular World (page 3 of 7)

    Now to add the basic folder and files structure required to build a simple Angular App. My intentions are to remain true to the conventions set out by Angular while remaining sympathetic to ASP.NET MVC. The items in grey were included automatically during the projects creation, the items in black we have already added and…

  • Hello Angular World (page 2 of 7)

    Now that we have a basic ASP.NET MVC 5 project let’s install some NPM Packages. Once you have installed the first NPM Package you will see a new file, called package.json, added to your Project’s root. We will look at the package.json in more details later.

  • Hello Angular World (page 1 of 7)

    I have written this article and the accompanying Visual Studio 2015 project as an exploration of how Angular 2 and ASP.NET MVC 5 can coexist and I have tried to remain true to both frameworks, respecting naming conventions and file structure. While carrying out research for this article, I came across the Angular2Mvc5Application Project Template…

  • Angular 2: Quick Start Notes Part #2

    I’m going list the steps required to install and configure the NPM (Node Package Manager) command line utility; this will enable me to see the results of my code changes in a web browser as I make them.

  • Angular 2: Quick Start Notes Part #1

    These are my notes, made while watching Deborah Kurta’s Angular2: Getting Started course, hosted by Pluralsight. Most, if not all, of this information can be found within Deborah’s course, however by stripping this information out I hope to jog memories…