Based in Christchurch, New Zealand

I am a Technical Consultant based in Christchurch, New Zealand. My primary focus is to assist organisations in maximising the benefits of their Microsoft 365 subscription. I specialise in Microsoft’s Power Platform, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams.

S. J. Lewis

I embarked on my career as a Web Application developer in 1999 and moved to London in 2000 to develop tailor-made Content Management Systems utilising Microsoft Technologies. By 2009, I had shifted my attention to SharePoint, employing it to replace an extranet that I had designed and constructed years earlier.

Throughout my professional journey, I have successfully managed development teams and projects across the entire development life cycle. This entailed overseeing server and software architecture, drafting technical specifications and development standards, conducting code reviews and mentoring, and employing the SCRUM methodology for project management.

About my name

The name Siôn originates from Wales/Cymru. Siôn is the Welsh form of John and is pronounced “Shaun” in English or Seán in Irish Gaelic.

Other Interests

Exploring the countryside while riding my motorcycle, mountain bike, or walking in the great outdoors.

An active listener of a variety of music genres and currently learning to play bass guitar.


Recent Posts

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    Learn how to sort an array using Power Automate. In this post I share a Power Platform solution containing two example Cloud Flows demonstrating how an array can be sorted. I also briefly explore performance results of running actions in parallel verses serial with some surprising results.
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    Learn how to use the SharePoint API and Power Automate to add and remove accounts from multi-select Person and Group fields in SharePoint. Our step-by-step guide includes detailed illustrations and examples, as well as an optional Power Platform solution to help you deploy the solution to your tenant. Improve your SharePoint workflow management today!
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  • SharePoint REST API: How to find the List or Library “__metadata” “type”
    SharePoint REST API is a powerful tool for updating lists and items in SharePoint, but determining the correct “__metadata” “type” for API calls can be confusing. While it’s typically “SP.Data.ListNameItem” based on the list’s URL, there are cases where it may be “SP.Data.ListNameListItem” in certain Office 365 tenants. In this article, we will explore how to find the correct “__metadata” “type” when updating lists or libraries in SharePoint, and also highlight the alternative approach of using the Microsoft Graph API. By understanding this crucial aspect of SharePoint REST API, readers can ensure successful updates and avoid potential errors.
  • “The Age of #AI has begun” said Bill Gates
    March 2023 has been an extraordinary month with the launch of GPT-4 on March 14th, closely followed by #Microsoft’s launch of Copilot preview on March 16th, and Bill Gates’ article, “The Age of AI has begun,” on March 21st.