PoC Image Viewer

PoC Image Viewer Solution

The Image Viewer proof of concept app demonstrates how a Canvas App can be used, with the help of a Cloud Flow, to show the latest image uploaded to a specific SharePoint document library.

I will admit that I built this solution several years ago. However, it does demonstrate a few fundamental principles:

  1. I use a ‘naming conversation’ for connection references and environment variables. In my case, I am prefixing the names with the solution’s initials.
  2. I apply a connection reference and environment variables to steps within the Cloud Flow.
  3. The Canvas App calls a Flow to retrieve the last image created within a SharePoint library.

The point here is less about the implementation and more about how we can make our solutions more manageable to read and coexist.

Enhanced PowerApps webpart

I have not included the scripts to recreate the document library. However, you can use the same library as the Enhancing EXIF Data Handling in SharePoint Online: A Solution Guide article.

The managed and unmanaged solutions can be downloaded from GitHub here: https://github.com/sionjlewis/Power-Platform/tree/main/PoC-Image-Viewer