Example: Office 365 Video REST API & Script Editor webpart


Here is an example of how to embedding a video using a Script Editor webpart and the Office 365 Video Portal REST API within SharePoint Publishing site.

When try this example yourself, don’t forget to edit the VideoPlayer.webpart and replace the blank GUIDs.

Quick Start:

  1. Upload a video to your Office 365 Video Portal
  2. Add the VideoPlayer.js file you the root site collection Style Library under a folder called _Custom (or change the path in the webpart definition)
  3. Upload the VideoPlayer.webpart to the Web Part Gallery
  4. Edit a Webpart Page and add the “Video player” webpart
  5. Edit the webpart’s snippet and replace the “chid” and “vid” blank GUIDs

Note: To find the “chid” and “vid” values, navigate to the video to be display within the SharePoint webpart page and copy the values form the URL into Notepad and copy the relevant GUIDs. The URL should look something like this:


Chrome v Internet Explorer

Chrome you get the option to view the video in full screen unfortunate this functionality is currently not available in Internet Explorer 11. However full screen is available in Edge (Microsofts new web browser) so good news for Windows 10 Users.