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  • Troubleshooting SPFx Webparts: Useful Links

    Based upon the App Catolog (Catalogue) being configured with the following URL: https://<tenant> Apps for SharePoint A catalog to store apps for SharePoint https://<tenant> Client Side Assets A library to store client side assets https://<tenent> Client Side Component Manifests A list to store client component manifests https://<tenent>

  • Usefull SharePoint Online Links

    SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business software boundaries and limits

  • Example: Office 365 Video REST API & Script Editor webpart

    Here is an example of how to embedding a video using a Script Editor webpart and the Office 365 Video Portal REST API within SharePoint Publishing site. When try this example yourself, don’t forget to edit the VideoPlayer.webpart and replace the blank GUIDs. Quick Start: Upload a video to your Office 365 Video Portal Add […]

  • Deleting SharePoint Online Root Site Collection

    Deleting SharePoint Online Root Site Collection

    Today I had a lengthy conversation with Microsoft Support regarding a number of failures we have been experiencing while deleting and recreation the Root Site Collection for a particular SharePoint Online Tenancy. I was using the following PowerShell commandlets to delete a site collection: Remove-SPOSite Remove-SPODeletedSite After running the commands (and checking that the root […]

  • SharePoint Online: Facebook Social Plugin

    Finally got round to testing the Facebook social plugin for Office 365 Public Site blogs and at first glance it would appear Users are limits to signing in with one of the following accounts: Facebook, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail. However if you are like me and prefer to use your Windows Live account, well you […]

  • SharePoint Online Public Site: adding JS & CSS references to a Master page

    I’m not going to describe the process of creating a custom master page from end to end, as there are plenty of good articles and blogs out there already. I just want to share one possible pitfall that I fell into… As any owner of a website might, I decided to create a new master […]