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  • Useful UI Branding tools for SharePoint 2013

    Just thinking about branding my website and came across a tool by Microsoft called Color Palette Tool SharePoint 2013 which downloaded from And if you require inspiration for your theme one of colleges (Matthew Holden) pointed me in the direction Adobe Kuler  

  • Disable mobile auto-redirect for SharePoint anonymous access website

    The quickest way for all mobile devices and browsers add the following to the web applications web.config file: View the code on Gist. However for a more granular approach, edit the App_Browsers\compat.browser changing the following to “false” for the relevant userAgent: View the code on Gist.

  • SharePoint Online Public Site: adding JS & CSS references to a Master page

    I’m not going to describe the process of creating a custom master page from end to end, as there are plenty of good articles and blogs out there already. I just want to share one possible pitfall that I fell into… As any owner of a website might, I decided to create a new master…

  • SharePoint Online Public Site: how to access the Webpart Gallery

    When working with SharePoint Online’s Public Site you may have noticed that you do not have access to the Webparts Gallery from the Settings page. It would appear that, at least for my version of O365 SharePoint, Microsoft has hidden the “Web parts” link from the Settings page. If you need to manage your custom…

  • SharePoint: Enable Publishing features

    SharePoint: Enable Publishing features

    To use Web content management on SharePoint, activate Publishing features at both site and site collection levels; this allows for branding and editing the corporate site. Additionally, enable multilingual support by creating and translating a source site. Detailed steps are provided for feature activation.

  • Definition of a SharePoint Feature

    Represents a modular server-side, file system-level customization that contains items that can be installed and activated in a SharePoint environment within one of the following scopes:

  • SharePoint: How to Update a Site Collection Date Format

    A step-by-step guide on how set to a Site Collection’s Date Format *It is possible to update sub-sites; however updating the root (parent) site collection gives the opportunity to update all its sub-sites at the same time. Tip: When the Site Settings page loads, if you see the Go to top level site settings link…