SharePoint: How to Update a Site Collection Date Format

A step-by-step guide on how set to a Site Collection’s Date Format

  1. Navigate to the root site* within your site collection and then follow these steps:
    Click on [Site Actions] –> [Site Settings], the Site Settings page will load.
  2. Under the Site Administration section of the Site Settings page click on Regional Settings link, this will load the Regional Settings page.
  3. Click on the Local drop down list and select the required language setting, e.g. English (United Kingdom). The page will reload to reflect your selection.
  4. Next, if your site collection contains sub-sites then, check the checkbox to have all sub-sites inherit these Regional Settings.
  5. And finally, click on the [OK] button.

*It is possible to update sub-sites; however updating the root (parent) site collection gives the opportunity to update all its sub-sites at the same time.

Tip: When the Site Settings page loads, if you see the Go to top level site settings link under the Site Collection Administration section then you can click on the link to navigate to the root site collection’s Site Settings page.​