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  • SharePoint Online Permissions

    Overview of SharePoint Online’s “out-of-the-box” permissions: Permission Restricted View Read Contribute Edit Design Full Control Can view pages Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Can view list items and documents Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Download documents No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Can add, update and delete list items and documents No No […]

  • SharePoint ‘Site Content and Structure’ Admin Page

    SharePoint ‘Site Content and Structure’ Admin Page … don’t let that get in the way of useful functionality.

  • SharePoint: Content and Structure Report for All Checked Out Files

    Ever wondered why a file or page was not showing up in search or did not updated during a deployment? Well perhaps it was because the “creator” had not checked-in their file or published the page… SharePoint has a useful page called Site Content and Structure which can be used to review the following out-of-the-box […]

  • Client-side Development Techniques with CQWP(s) and JavaScript…

    The other day I was talking to one of my colleague John Holah about retrieving large amounts of data from a SharePoint 2010 Lists using “client-side” v “OOB” techniques for a particular client, who has set use a number of challenges/limitations: Our access is limited to Site Collections We cannot deploy server-side code Internet Explorer […]

  • Disable mobile auto-redirect for SharePoint anonymous access website

    The quickest way for all mobile devices and browsers add the following to the web applications web.config file: View the code on Gist. However for a more granular approach, edit the App_Browsers\compat.browser changing the following to “false” for the relevant userAgent: View the code on Gist.

  • SharePoint: Enable Publishing features

    To use the Web content management features, you need to turn on the Publishing feature on a site or site collection. You can then brand the site so that it has your corporate look and feel, and enable users to edit the corporate site within the context of the Web. Once the Publishing functionality has […]

  • Definition of a SharePoint Feature

    Represents a modular server-side, file system-level customization that contains items that can be installed and activated in a SharePoint environment within one of the following scopes: Farm                       (Exclusing SharePoint Online) WebApplication   (Exclusing SharePoint Online) Site Web

  • SharePoint: How to Update a Site Collection Date Format

    A step-by-step guide on how set to a Site Collection’s Date Format Navigate to the root site* within your site collection and then follow these steps: Click on [Site Actions] –> [Site Settings], the Site Settings page will load. Under the Site Administration section of the Site Settings page click on Regional Settings link, this […]