SharePoint ‘Site Content and Structure’ Admin Page

SharePoint Admin

There have been numerous time I’ve need to publish multiple documents in one go. You could use PowerShell or better still the UI…

Welcome to the Site Content and Structure administration page:


The Site Content and Structure has been around since SharePoint 2007 and it really shows. But don’t let that get in the way of useful functionality. It is still available in SharePoint Online, even though the link has been removed from the Site Settings page.

Imagine you need to publish 50 site pages in one go:

  1. Navigate to the Site Content and Structure using the URL above
  2. Click on Site Pages, within the left navigation
  3. Select the pages to publish
  4. Click on the Actions menu and then Publish

You will see there are other options:

  • Copy…
  • Move…
  • Delete
  • Check Out
  • Discard Check Out
  • Check In
  • Publish
  • Unpublish this version

Perhaps Microsoft will revive the Site Content and Structure and give it the modern face-lift it deserves…? Vote here if you feel the same: