Cool Visual Studio 2013 plugin called Javascript Parser…

Found a cool plugin which improve support for JavaScript within Visual Studio 2013 and therefore help the performance of development process and avoid possible bugs.


However the best thing I like about “Javascript Parser” plugin is that I can now use the “// TODO: …” Task List Tokens in my JavaScript code just like we can with C#. And it gets better, if you like using Visual Studio’s default Task List Tokens (including as HACK and UNDONE) or would like to add your own, well you can. Simply go to the Javascript Parser’s window within Visual Studio (which can be found under View, Other Windows…) and click on the settings menu (the “cog” located at the top left), and select [Settings…], then [Advanced] and then enter your new values.

These are the keywords I’m using: “TODO:, To Do:, To-Do:, HACK:, UNDONE:“. Of cause I never need to use “HACK:” 😉

Javascript Parser
Javascript Parser

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