Virtual Machine: Configuring for daily development use

Every time I create or given a new Development Virtual Machine (VM) I find myself repeating the same steps.

Make sure the VM has been added to the Domain

  • Start > right click: Computer > Properties > Change settings
  • In some circumstances you may need to remove and re-add the machine the domain and restart the machine after each action

Stop “Server Manager > Dashboard” form opening on start-up

  • Manage > Server Manager Properties > Check: “Do not start Server Manager automatically at logon”
  • Click OK and close the “Server Manager > Dashboard” window.

Disable the Shutdown Tracker

  • Ctrl + R > Enter: “gpedit.msc” > Click: OK
  • Navigate to: “Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System”
  • Double click “Display Shutdown Event Tracker”
  • Select: Disabled > Click: OK

Enable Shutdown without Logging

  • Ctrl + R > Enter: “gpedit.msc” > Click: OK
  • Navigate to: “Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options\”
  • Double click “Shutdown: Allow system to be shut down without having to log on”
  • Select: Enable > Click: OK

Update User Account Control Settings

  • Run > Search “User Account Control Settings”
  • Click: Settings > “Change User Account Control settings”
  • Change to your required level and click OK

Configure Power Saving

  • Run > Search “Power Saving”
  • Click: Settings > “Change power-saving settings”
  • Change plan settings to “High performance”
  • Choose when to turn off the screen: Never
  • Change when the computer sleeps: Never

Restart the VM​