Patterns, Systems and Cycles

Multimedia installation, June 1999 (Degree Show)

In this installation I have brought together many of the skills gained prior and during the degree course. The content is personal but mirrors the practical approach by compiling many experiences and emotions through the images and sounds used.

Kaleidoscope: Patterns, Systems and Cycles: multimedia installation, June 1999
Patterns, Systems and Cycles: multimedia installation, June 1999

The installation has been designed for travelling exhibition, with two display options. The first a free standing cube like object and the second blended into its environment, where the unit is hidden behind a false wall. The second display option is preferred where The “work” becomes part of the environment. In both forms of display the viewer is unable to see the working of the piece as it is not relevant to the work and keeps it clean and simple.

The images, photographed or digitally created by myself were selected, together with the sound as personal and specific to the time span influencing the work. Creating an art piece where the viewer is lured into a fragmented world where they may or may not feel familiarity. The images move and change to the music, making up three movies. These movies are compiled as “Patterns”, “Systems” and “Cycles”, each movie containing images relating to one of these categories. The Work as a whole also reflecting these categories, the Kaleidoscope creates patterns, the computer controlling the installation works by a system and the movies are cyclic. The limited music samples by Primal Scream were used with the permission of ‘Creation Records’.

The real beauty of this installation for me is the depth of the visuals (it is impossible to recreate it in 2D) and the handprints, which act as a simple tactile keyboard. The design of the interface in this work, unlike other Multimedia exhibits, shifts the importance from the user and focuses on the experience. The viewer must navigate by placing their hands in my handprints and at the same time stoop down and peer into a porthole view of my world.

The piece has been achieved technically using a three-sided four-foot kaleidoscope, 17inch Monitor, computer, customised keyboard, micro-switches, infra red controlled amplifier and speakers, all encased in one unit.

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Music Samples

Primal Scream – Screamadelica
Come together41 sec. loopPatterns – Movie
Higher than the sun41 sec. loopSystems – Movie
Don’t fight it, feel it33 sec. loopCycles – Movie
1991 Creation Records
8 Westgate Street, London E8 3RN, England