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  • Cheat Sheet: Editing SharePoint Webparts embedded within Page Layouts

    Navigate to the site settings of the root website (within a site collection) Click Master pages and page layouts and locate the Page Layouts Make a note of the file name, for example: PageLayout.aspx Note: you will not be able to view or edit the page layout directly by clicking on the title or a […]

  • Example: Office 365 Video REST API & Script Editor webpart

    Here is an example of how to embedding a video using a Script Editor webpart and the Office 365 Video Portal REST API within SharePoint Publishing site. When try this example yourself, don’t forget to edit the VideoPlayer.webpart and replace the blank GUIDs. Quick Start: Upload a video to your Office 365 Video Portal Add […]

  • Deleting SharePoint Online Root Site Collection

    Deleting SharePoint Online Root Site Collection

    Today I had a lengthy conversation with Microsoft Support regarding a number of failures we have been experiencing while deleting and recreation the Root Site Collection for a particular SharePoint Online Tenancy. I was using the following PowerShell commandlets to delete a site collection: Remove-SPOSite Remove-SPODeletedSite After running the commands (and checking that the root […]

  • SharePoint: Can’t deploy a Sandbox solution (WSP)?

    Trouble Shooting SharePoint Online Well I’ve been seeing these problems with one of my tenant and it turns out that Microsoft has rolled out a so called “fix” (apparently started back in October 2014), to prevents Users from run custom scripts… From the description you may have thought that it was to stop contributors adding JavaScript […]

  • Jasmine with Visual Studio and SharePoint Apps – Part 3

    In this post I want to talk about Fixtures and a major pitfall I’ve found when working with Chutzpah Test Adaptor for the Test Explorer.

  • Jasmine with Visual Studio and SharePoint Apps – Part 2

    Jasmine with Visual Studio and SharePoint Apps – Part 2

    Last week I wrote about how to configure Jasmine to run within Visual Studio using Chutzpah Test Adaptors. However since then I’ve run into a number of issues for which I will share my thoughts in this post.

  • Jasmine with Visual Studio and SharePoint Apps – Part 1

    Jasmine with Visual Studio and SharePoint Apps – Part 1

    This blog does no​t describe how to perform JavaScript ​TDD (test-driven development) or BDD (behaviour-driven development). It does however describe how to set-​​up Visual Studio and configure an App for SharePoint project to get you started.

  • SharePoint Online: Facebook Social Plugin

    Finally got round to testing the Facebook social plugin for Office 365 Public Site blogs and at first glance it would appear Users are limits to signing in with one of the following accounts: Facebook, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail. However if you are like me and prefer to use your Windows Live account, well you […]

  • Useful UI Branding tools for SharePoint 2013

    Just thinking about branding my website and came across a tool by Microsoft called Color Palette Tool SharePoint 2013 which downloaded from And if you require inspiration for your theme one of colleges (Matthew Holden) pointed me in the direction Adobe Kuler  

  • SharePoint Online Public Site: adding JS & CSS references to a Master page

    I’m not going to describe the process of creating a custom master page from end to end, as there are plenty of good articles and blogs out there already. I just want to share one possible pitfall that I fell into… As any owner of a website might, I decided to create a new master […]