The name Siôn originates from Wales/CymruSiôn is Welsh/Cymraeg for John and is pronounced in English “Shaun” or Irish “Seán”.

Q: What is the ^ or “hat” over the ô called?

A: It’s called a circumflex. It’s placed over a vowel in some languages to indicate contraction, length, or a particular quality. In the case of the letter “ô”, it changes the sound of the “o” to a harder “or” sound.

Q: How do I type the ô character on a PC (Windows)?

A: Using the number pad (on an extended keypad); press to turn on the [Num Lock]. Next, holding the [Alt] key press the [1][4][7] keys on the number pad and finally let go of the [Alt] key.

Tip: some laptops have a Function [Fn] option to enable a number pad on a short keyboard.

Q: How do I type the ô character on an Apple Mac (OSX)?

A: Press the [Alt][i] keys together and then the [o] key.
Tip: The [Alt] key is often referred to as the [Option] key by Mac operators.

Shop is spelt Siop in Welsh

See the BBC Wales website for more about Wales/Cymru, society and culture:

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