SharePoint: Can’t deploy a Sandbox solution (WSP)?

Trouble Shooting SharePoint Online

Well I’ve been seeing these problems with one of my tenant and it turns out that Microsoft has rolled out a so called “fix” (apparently started back in October 2014), to prevents Users from run custom scripts

From the description you may have thought that it was to stop contributors adding JavaScript to Script Editor or Content Editor webparts, but I’m afraid not. Some of the side effect is disabling custom scripts are as follows.

You will no longer be able to see and/or edit the following:

  • Site columns
  • Site content types
  • Web parts
  • List templates
  • Themes
  • Solutions
  • Composed looks

And you might be able to see the “Master pages and page layouts” link from the Site Settings page, but you will not be able to update a MasterPage or a PageLayout file.

This isn’t just limited to Site Owners it also affects Site Collection Admin and Global Admin. So if you are planing to deploying a Sandbox solution (to the Root Site Collection or My Sites), make sure that you have enabled custom scripts well in advance.

How to enable custom scripts

Navigate SharePoint Admin Portal e.g. and click on settings.

Next select either one or both of the following:

  • Allow users to run custom script on personal sites
  • Allow users to run custom script on self-service created sites

Click OK.

And wait up to 24hrs for the change to take effect…

For more information as to what is effected by these settings: