Exploring Model Driven Apps with an Asset Management Solution

Lisa Crosbie: How to build Model-Driven Power Apps

Welcome to the Sandpit: Asset Management project! In the GitHub Sandpit-Asset-Management folder, you’ll find both the managed and unmanaged versions of my solution demonstrating an asset management solution built within Model Driven Apps.

This project is based upon Lisa Crosbie’s fantastic tutorial, Power Apps Model Driven Apps FULL COURSE for Beginners, where she walks through the intricacies of Model Driven Apps in Power Apps. Following her clear and insightful instructions, I’ve recreated this asset management solution to demonstrate how processes can be streamlined and productivity enhanced using the Model Driven Apps framework.

What’s Included?

Managed Version: An optimised version of the Sandpit: Asset Management solution, ready for deployment in various environments.

Unmanaged Version: Dive into the code and configurations, explore the inner workings of the solution, and customise it to fit your unique needs.

What’s Not Included?

The solution does not include the Power BI Report or Dashboard. Please watch Lisa Crosbie’s tutorial on how to configure the Power BI Report or Dashboard for this solution.

How to Get Started

  1. Clone or download the repository: Sandpit-Asset-Management.
  2. Explore the managed and unmanaged versions in the respective folders.
  3. Follow the setup instructions in the readme file to deploy the solution in your Power Apps environment.

Learn from the Best

This project wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance of Lisa Crosbie. Check out her YouTube tutorial for a comprehensive understanding of Model Driven Apps in Power Apps.

This is not a complete solution but shows what can be achieved using Lisa Crosbie’s tutorial. Feel free to contribute, provide feedback, or raise issues on GitHub.

Happy coding!